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Lost Rubbish Bins !

in formation from Cllr Fiona Issacs

Damaged bins and replacement policy issues raised by residents.

I have been contacted by many unhappy residents asking about the damaged bin replacement policy and also the ownership of all the bins and fairies of damage replacements review.

Here are the answers to my questions.

1.Can you clarify how a fair process is put in place when Biffa damage the bins through lack of care?

· If Biffa loose a bin in the back of the vehicle this is recorded by the crew and the council on their on-board computer and automatically replaced by Biffa.

· If a bin is damaged in anyway during the emptying process this is recorded by crew on their on-board computer and notification is left for the householder.

(Bins can become damaged for a number of reason: Lack of care by the owner i.e. failure to maintain bin, overloading bin. Biffa also report these incidents to the council on a daily basis.

· If householder claims that the bin was damaged during the emptying process we ask Biffa for to provide photographic evidence that they returned bin to collection point undamaged – Biffa have 360 degree CCTV that provides us with images – If Biffa can’t provide the evidence a final decision is made by the council.

2.. What incentivised policy is in place to encourage Biffa in this process as it is not in their interest to admit liability if the householder must pay for a new bin?

· There is no policy as such - We do expect Biffa to operate in accordance with the contract specification and if they were found not to be complying there are financial penalties we can impose.

3.. Can you clarify the garden waste bins that some residents pay extra for and what the process for damage is and ownership is in this regard?

. The glass box policy and ownership and replacements please should also be helpful as there has been a mix of charging and free replacements.

· Garden waste bins, plastic glass recycling boxes, 240ltr glass recycling banks, clear recycling sacks, garden waste sacks & healthcare waste containers are owned by the council and provided free of charge.

• Householders are responsible for providing and maintaining their refuse and recycling bins, and for replacing them if worn out, damaged, vandalised, lost or stolen. This includes if your bin has broken during a collection because it has become brittle due to its age which becomes increasingly likely after the bin has reached 10 years old.

• If you need to replace a worn out, damaged, vandalised, lost or stolen bin, you will need to contact Biffa directly on 01962 670 706 to arrange for payment and delivery of the new bin. The current cost of a bin is £33.98 including delivery.

So to clarify - Black and Green bins - owned by the householder and payment of replacements cost £33.98.

Garden waste - Borwn Bins, owned by the council - provided free of charge.

Glass recycling box - Owned by the council - provided free of charge.

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