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Here you can find useful contacts, local information such as the bus timetable, details about the Village Lottery and links to other local resources such as BigGun News.

Village Lottery

The Hall Committee introduced the monthly lottery draw in January 2006 as part of its fund-raising efforts.

Subscriptions are £25 per annum. This entitles entry into 12 monthly draws. The two independent checkers are Karl Drover and Lindsay Quirk.

The proceeds are split so that a minimum of 50% is allocated to the prize fund with the remainder going to Village Hall funds.

The prize fund is dependent on the number of tickets sold overall, which varies from year to year. More tickets have been sold for the 2021/2022 draw than in the previous year. Therefore the promoters have decided to increase the value of the prizes for 3rd, 4th and 5th and that there will be five prizes per month of £50, £30, £25, £20 and £15.

The result of the latest draw can be found on the Village News page, whilst the year's results to date are listed below.

1st Prize £50
2nd Prize £30
3rd Prize £25
4th Prize £20
5th Prize £15
Sharon Drover (35)
Barry Edge (45)
Jacobi McCowen (124)
Helen Skirton (92)
Guy Wikeley (78)
Sharon Squibb - Labrador Lifeline Trust (22)
William McCowen (99)
Neil Carpenter (65)
Sharon Squibb - Zante Strays (21)
Sally Anne Manley (116)
Nicky Cambrook (126)
Michael Duncombe (103)
Brian Davis (95)
John Sargent (43)
Laurie Scott (96)
Nimmie Bennett (48)
Teddy Tufnell (111)
Helen Skirton (91)
Pat Bacon (42)
Rita Varley (110)
George McCowen (76)
Sharon Drover (35)
Geoff Buss (57)
Kitty Mallory (113)
Agatha Tufnell (128)
Nicky Cambrook (126)
Laurie Scott (96)
Sally Anne Manley (116)
Holly Edwards (37)
Deborah Parritt (107)
Herbie Lewin (23)
Susan Marshall (50)
Helen Skirton (117)
Philip Prior (13)
Thomas Parritt (5)
Nigel Dyson (18)
Nicky Cambrook (126)
Jessica Lees (16)
Richard Bacon (49)
Alexandra James (47)
Richard & Angela Smith (134)
Alicia Edwards (36)
Liz Scott (8)
John Mayne (88)
Helen Skirton (91)
John Mayne (19)
Johnnie Scott (105)
Kitty Mallory (113)
Pat Mason (119)
Thea Haije (129)
Debbie Bishop (70)
Jackie Maliphant (69)
Liz Scott (8)
Helen Skirton (87)
George McCowen (76)
BigGun News

The BigGun News is the monthly newsletter delivered to all residents of Bighton and Gundleton. It aims to keep everyone up to date with village and local events.

Have a look at the latest edition by following the link below.

Bighton’s Handy List

This list is compiled solely of personal recommendations by local residents. We take no responsibility for these recommendations. Should you wish to make any additions or adjustments please contact either Deborah on 07734110048 or Marina on 07932997050

240 Bus Service

Mondays and Thursdays only - no service on Bank Holidays

Operated by Cresta Coaches - 01962 773236

Useful Contacts

Alresford Surgery

Watercress Medical Surgery

Out of Hours Medical

T: 111

Arle Valley Benefice

Revd Julia Myles

The Rectory, Jacklyns Lane, Alresford

T: 01962 732105

Bighton Churchwardens

Bob Ellis


T: 01962 773427

Mike Manley

T: 01962 736758

PCC Secretary

Sarah White

T: 01962 733216

Clerk to Parish Council

Sarah White


T: 01962 733216


T: 101 for non emergencies - calls cost 15p from landlines

Village Hall Bookings

Ian Johnson


T: 01962 736556

Winchester Villages Trust

Gail Johnson


T: 01962 736556

Candover Valley Community Store

T: 01256 389500

Live and Planned Roadworks