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July & August Village Draws

The first draws of the 2019/2020 series have been held. This year 131 tickets have been sold which is an increase on the previous year. This has enabled us to increase the amount of money available for the 3rd, 4th and 5th prizes.

The winners of the July and August draws were as follows;

July 2019

1st Prize of £50   - Sally Ellis (40)

2nd Prize of £30 - Dawn Love (123)

3rd Prize of £25 - Lynn Owen (3)

4th Prize of £20   - Carolyn Prior (84)

5th Prize of £15   - A&R Smith (103)

August 2019

1st Prize of £50   -  Laurie Scott (124)

2nd Prize of £30 - Sarah Bennett (75)

3rd Prize of £25 - Philip Prior (93)

4th Prize of £20   - Kim Marshall (50)

5th Prize of £15   - Julie Hebberd (107)

Each winner's ticket number is shown after their name.

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