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July and August Village Draws

This year, because of Covid-19, we have had to change how we administer the draw. As you will be aware, to avoid face-to-face contact, we have made the most of technology when selling tickets. For example, over 90% of the draw tickets have been requested and bought on line.

Those of you who bought online should have by now received an email providing you with your ticket numbers. We will inform everyone else by phone or by a note through your door..

If you haven’t received the email confirming your ticket numbers, before contacting us please check your Spam/Junk mailbox. 

Finally, to ensure that the all important email informing you of your prize doesn’t end up in your Spam mailbox, we suggest that you add to your contacts list.

The winners of the July & August draws were as follows;

July 2020

1st Prize of £50   - Helen Skirton (87)

2nd Prize of £30 - Esme Goymer (4)

3rd Prize of £20 - M McCowen (73)

4th Prize of £15   - Derek & Susie Lintott (5)

5th Prize of £10   - Deborah Parritt (12)

August 2020

1st Prize of £50   - Thea Haije (71)

2nd Prize of £30 - Samantha Westlake (64)

3rd Prize of £20 - Guy Gisborne (9)

4th Prize of £15   - Chris Edwards (94)

5th Prize of £10   - John and Philly Sargent (46)

The ticket number of each winner is shown after their name.

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