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If you live within the Winchester District, have a disability or are finding increasing difficulty in managing everyday activities in your home. You may meet the criteria for help towards the cost of essential adaptations to enable you to live more safely and independently at home

Essential adaptations to enable independence and access to essential facilities within the home such as;

• Making it easier to get in or out of your home, or get around your home independently – for example by providing ramps, widening doors or installing stairlifts/through floor lifts • Enabling independent or safe use of key rooms – by providing different height kitchen worktops/ level access shower or adapted bathroom facilities • Providing additional essential amenities – for example additional ground floor toilet and shower, where it is not feasible to adapt existing bathroom for use by the disabled person, or to enable the carer to support that person safely and with dignity • Adapt heating /lighting /controls, and environmental systems to enable a safe and secure home environment.


If you live in your own property, or rent from a Housing Association or Private Landlord. If you have a disability, or you have a child with a disability, or have someone living in your home who has a permanent or long term disability (NB The term Disability relates to a substantial/or long term condition affecting a persons physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing). If you are just finding everyday essential tasks more difficult and find that getting around is becoming more difficult, you may be eligible to apply.


An Occupational Therapist/or member of the Adaptations Team will arrange to visit you at home to discuss your needs and look at the potential options for adaptations. A Grant Application form will be completed, and it may be necessary to provide some details of your finances/income/pensions. If you are eligible for a Grant, the Occupational Therapist will work with you to make recommendations for adaptations to your property based on your assessed need. The Team will then work with you, contractors and if necessary, surveyors/architects, to ensure that the adaptations meet your need and enables you to continue to be as independent as possible within your own home.


Maybe, but not always. A financial assessment is part of the Grant Process, unless the grant is for a child under 18 years of age. If you are in receipt of certain income related benefits, you may qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant without any contribution. If we are not the right Agency to help you, we will always try to put you in touch with the most appropriate services.

How to Apply or for more information please contact Winchester City Council Private Sector Housing:

 01962 848455 

Winchester City Council City Offices Colebrook Street Winchester S023 9LJ

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