Ask your Parish or Town Council to vote for 20mph

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

20’s Plenty for Us is asking Parish and Town Councils in Hampshire to pass a motion to support the campaign for 20mph where people live, work and play. Each local council that does will help: 1) Achieve a 20mph speed limit on roads, with exceptions where 30mph is demonstrably safe, particularly for vulnerable road users. 2) Demonstrate to the Highways Authority the demand for 20mph county-wide, making it both cheaper and easier to implement across the county and achieving better driver compliance. Speed limits are set by Hampshire as the Highway Authority, which also makes Traffic Regulation Orders to erect signs or change other road features like paint roundels or remove centre lines. Demonstrating widespread local community support is critical to securing the County’s agreement to implement 20mph widely.

There is also a link to a 7 minute briefing for Parish Councils if that's easier to digest!

Hampshire County Council has recently announced their intention to review their 20mph policy, and momentum is gathering pace, with many councillors in support and Donna Jones PCC expressing her support for and willingness to enforce 20mph. So I really believe we will get SOME change soon, now it's a matter of how all-encompassing that change can be. We have been invited to make representations to the select committee when the time comes, which is very exciting indeed. The more evidence we have of support within Hampshire the more clout we can have in these discussions!

This will be discussed at the PC meeting on 30th November

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