Affordable housing in Bighton

Bighton : Call for Sites – to provide affordable housing to meet local need

The lack of affordable housing for local people has been raised as a key issue for many people in the community. In recent years house prices have increased rapidly, particularly in rural areas. This has resulted in many local people being unable to afford to buy or rent a home in the village they grew up in or work in and have had to leave to find cheaper, suitable accommodation elsewhere.

Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing (HARAH) has been working with Bighton Parish Council to look at ways of increasing the amount of affordable housing available for local people.

The recently completed Housing Need Survey showed a need within the parish for a small number of affordable homes to be built which prioritized local households.

This therefore is a call to all landowners in the parish. We are searching for a suitable site within the parish to provide 4 affordable homes. The ideal site will be in the region of ½ acre in size, close to existing housing with a safe highway access that landowners are prepared to sell for £10,000 -£12,000 per home plot. For 4 homes this is in the region of £40k -£50k.

Anyone owning land which they would like to be considered for this project should submit details including a site location plan in writing or by email to:

Mags Wylie,

Rural Housing Enabler,

Action Hampshire,

Westgate Chambers,

Staple Gardens,


Hampshire, SO23 8SR

Email: Tel 01962 857361

All submissions to be made by 29/02/2020

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