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This month's screening at the Bighton Community Cinema is a chance to see the popular and highly popular acclaimed film Oppenheimer. The film is an IMAX®-shot epic thriller that thrusts audiences into the pulse-pounding paradox of the enigmatic man who created the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer, the film follows the moral quandary that haunted Oppenheimer for life, a man “whose greatest contribution to civilisation was a weapon that could destroy it.” Cillian Murphy is perfectly cast as the haunted, complex character J Robert Oppenheimer as he wrestles with the enormity of what he has let loose on the world.

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, an award winning filmmaker whose previous blockbusters include: The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, The Prestige and Interstellar. As VFX and special effects take over the traditional filmmaking methods, Nolan is among the remaining few directors who still builds grandiose true-to-life sets and reflects cinematic set pieces by filming them instead of digitising them. Oppenheimer is thus a culmination of Nolan's cinematic genius combined with an incredible story that changed the world in more ways than one.

OPPENHEIMER contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.


As this is a long film, 3 hours, we will be starting earlier than usual, with an interval for you to stretch your legs and buy more drinks, cakes and snacks. Find your seats and buy your drinks and snacks from 6:15 pm, please be seated by 7 pm as the film will start.

Tickets are £7 and are available in advance by booking here or on the door.

Free parking and disabled parking is available in the village hall car park.

The hall is fully accessible for wheelchair users.



Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) - Friday 15th December

Tickets on sale soon!



It is run by residents of Bighton and Gundleton to provide accessible entertainment for the local residents and surrounding areas. We run our film nights mainly as a service to the community but also to raise funds to support the village hall. We try to put on a variety of films, not just blockbusters, to provide a diverse cinema experience that will appeal to multiple tastes. We have a good projector, rear projection screen, powerful surround sound system and comfy upholstered chairs to give you an authentic cinema experience.

We intend to show a film a month between the summer and spring equinox. The events are also intended as a social occasion, so we open the doors half an hour before the film and provide an interval as an opportunity to connect with others on the night. At every film night there will be a fully licensed bar and snacks.


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