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English Partridge - Latest News.


Many of you will have noticed that fencing has been erected which separates the site from the road and also approximately along the line where the boundary would have been between the pub and the proposed house, had the planning application been successful. Following representations from many parishioners and concerns that planning permission is usually required to erect fencing on listed building sites and adjacent to public highways, the Council asked the Parish Clerk to contact the Winchester City Council Planning Department.

The Council have received the following reply;

Dear Ms White,

Thank you for your recent email and also for the photos which are very useful.

I have spoken to the architect and they have confirmed that the site has been secured by the owner because they had been experiencing problems with dumping on the site. There have also been people making use of the car park area and also issues with people having picnics on site. For insurance and liability reasons they felt they could not allow for such unauthorised access to continue.

The intention going forward is for the owners to submit an appeal against the refusal of the planning application 18/00251/FUL and also to engage with the Local Planning Authority about works to improve the viability of the Pub. They feel that it is impractical to be able to make arrangements to open the pub whilst there remains uncertainty over its future and works that may be required to make it more viable.

The Heras fencing is to remain in place until the appeal has run its course and it is only a temporary measure for securing the site.

I have discussed the above with the Team Leader from Conservation and we are both satisfied that at present the fencing is a temporary structure and as such planning permission is not required.

If the fencing remains in situ well after the appeal is determined then we are likely to re-consider the matter.

Kind Regards,

Andrew James

Enforcement Officer

Winchester City Council and South Downs National Park

Colebrook Street


SO23 9LJ

Telephone: 01962 848 529

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